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Cultural Facilities

Across its sprawling campus, the University of the Philippines Diliman has various kinds of cultural facilities. Cultural facilities are historically and culturally significant spaces in the University that are used for artistic and cultural activities. There are indoor spaces, such as museums and galleries, as well as auditoriums, theaters, and cinemas. There are also open spaces that have been activated as venues for exhibits, performances, trainings, workshops, rallies, parades, and other artistic and cultural activities.

These spaces serve as platforms for cultivating artists and scholars in the fields of dance, literature, music, sciences, sports, theater, and visual arts, and have borne witness to the development of some of the country’s renowned talents and minds. To this day, these cultural facilities continue to act as sites of dynamic learning and generative exchanges, allowing the University community to develop and sustain local and international linkages in the interest of enriching humanistic knowledge and practice.

Auditoriums, Cinemas, & Theaters

The auditoriums, cinemas, and theaters in the University are used for concerts, theatrical plays, film screenings, conferences, seminars, and other events. These are venues where students, organizations, and academic units innovate, collaborate, and engage the public with explorative and socially relevant activities and programs.

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Museums, Galleries, & Collections

The University takes pride in its extensive collection of cultural and natural heritage housed in its museums and galleries under the stewardship of various units and institutions. Beyond safekeeping, these places invite the public to engage in educational conversations, present creative and research work, and train students in collecting and caring for objects and specimens.

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Sports Facilities

The University’s sports facilities serve as the training grounds for the UP Fighting Maroons and as ‘classrooms’ for Physical Education classes. These are spaces for honing athletic skills as well as building a sense of camaraderie between teammates, league members and spectators within and outside the UP community.

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Multi-purpose Spaces

The campus also has multi-purpose spaces that are historically and culturally significant to members of the UP community and the country. These were, and continue to be, sites where protest, the performance of traditions, and important discourses of the day take place, demonstrating the University’s commitment to uphold honor, excellence, service, compassion, and freedom for its constituents and the community beyond.

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The University library system is composed of unit libraries that provide resources and spaces for learning for students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars. As the main repository of print, analog, and digital resources of the University, the Library system safeguards and protects the UP community’s institutional and cultural memory.

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Launched in August 2023, the UP Diliman (UPD) Cultural Facilities Online Directory is an initiative of UPD-OICA intended to reactivate artistic and cultural life on campus as its constituents return from online learning. It aims to give the students, faculty, and other members of the UP community easier access to information on facilities as well as meaningful spaces on campus that they can utilize for special events and projects. In the process, these sites become spaces for productive and collaborative exchanges, allowing the University community to develop and sustain local and international linkages in the interest of enriching humanistic knowledge and practice.

The documented spaces include Museums, Galleries, & Collections; Auditoriums, Cinemas, & Theaters; Multi-purpose Spaces; and Sports Facilities.
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