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Events held annually have become platforms of campus tradition and artistic collaborations, working on themes that resonate with the times. Annual events spearheaded by OICA are the UP Diliman Arts and Culture Festival, UP Foundation Day, and Pag-iilaw. OICA has also proactively developed its own initiatives and events for the benefit of the UPD Community and its environs.

OICA participates in other institutional events such as the annual Linggo ng Parangal as a member of an overall Adhoc Committee. As a sub-committee, OICA is usually assigned to special programs and/or site design.

These various events become opportunities for many art activities to flourish in the form of concerts, commissioned new music, experimental dance choreographies, creative programs, site-specific art installations, exhibits, performance art, among others. Moreover, these events provide opportunities for collaborations between artists and as training ground for artist-students of UPD.

OICA also supports events organized by the various units and student organizations that contribute to the arts and cultural landscape of UP Diliman. These activities include many kinds of art and culture-based projects, workshops, conferences, public lectures, and seminars. These events are in conjunction with OICA’s mandate to develop venues on campus, including the possible activation of heritage spaces as sites of performances. With the shift to online learning, events have also utilized virtual spaces as a viable space for linking the UP community during the pandemic.


UP Diliman Arts and
Culture Festival

The UP Diliman Arts and Culture Festival is an annual celebration of the Campus, headed by the UPD Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (UPD-OICA) with the support of the UPD Office of the Chancellor (UPD-OC).

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What’s UP? Archives

What’s UP? is a monthly/bi-monthly joint publication by UPD-OICA and the UP Diliman Information Office (UPDIO) that was published in pamphlet form from February 2006 until January-February 2011. The publication showcases the latest happenings in the UP Diliman Campus.

Archived in this section are the complete digital copies of past What’s UP? issues during the said period.


Permanent Online Exhibitions

Various units in UP Diliman began conducting online or virtual exhibits in 2020 and continued during the present pandemic. These exhibits aim to make archived knowledge, ideas, and information in a variety of subject areas accessible through the web, thereby contributing to the growth and expansion of exchanges and engagements through online technology platforms.