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UP Diliman Creative/Critical Thesis Grant in the Arts, Culture, and the Humanities (UPD CCTGACH)



The UPD Creative / Critical Thesis Grant in the Arts, Culture, and the Humanities  (UPD CCTGACH) program was approved by the UP Board of Regents during its 1323rd Meeting on 16 December 2016. It is a competitive research and /or creative work subsidy in the form of an outright grant for UP Diliman undergraduate/bachelor’s students (Php 50,000.00), master’s students (Php 75,000.00) and doctoral students (Php 100,000.00) in the fields  of the visual arts and programs related to the critical study of arts and culture.

After running the UPD-CCTGACH program for four years, the OICA Advisory Board proposed to include capstone projects in the fields of arts and culture that are also required for graduation in academic programs. The amendment was approved by the UP Board of Regents during its 1367th Meeting on 27 January 2022.


  1. The applicant must have passed the research methods subject of his or her program (i.e. 199 course number for undergraduate/bachelor’s, 299 for master’s and 399 for doctoral) or capstone pre-requisite course;

  2. General Weighted Average (GWA) is not lower than 2.00 during the semester prior to application;

  3. Has a faculty member as his or her adviser

  4. Must be on their final semester of study or enrolled in the thesis subject (i.e. 200 course number for undergraduate/bachelor’s students) and enrolled in the thesis or dissertation subject (i.e. 300 or 400 course number for Master’s and Doctoral students) or capstone project course.
STEP 1 - to be completed by the applicant
Applicants must submit the following requirements to their department/college for evaluation.

  1. Research proposal which is aligned to any research agenda of UPD-OICA;

  2. Cover letter addressed to the UPD Chancellor through the UPD-OICA Director;

  3. Duly accomplished Application Forms 1 and 2 (Download here);

  4. True copy of grades (TCG) of the semester prior to the semester of the  application certified by the College Secretary of the unit where the applicant is enrolled;

  5. Two (2) recommendation letters or testimonial from an artist or an arts and humanities scholar about the applicant’s potential in the future;

  6. Portfolio of the applicant’s creative works or research works; and

STEP 2 - to be completed by the College Dean
College deans will endorse all eligible candidates/official nominees for all levels (undergraduate, master's, and doctoral) to the UPD-OICA Advisory Board, and submit the following:

  1. All documentary requirements submitted to their office by the applicant;

  2. Endorsed Application Form 1 and 2;

  3. Thesis proposal evaluation form accomplished by the Department Head or College Dean; and

  4. If the application is for capstone project, a certification letter from the Dean that the student is enrolled in the capstone project course of their program.

    *All applications will be processed online. Hard copies of applications will be requested as needed.
    *E-signatures will be accepted.
    *Incomplete application documents will not be accepted.
The Deans are also requested to constitute a college review committee. The committee shall be responsible for the nomination and endorsement of the official nominees of the college to the OICA Advisory Board Members.

Applicants should submit their research proposals to their departments/colleges for evaluation and endorsement to OICA of eligible students.

The Chancellor, through the recommendation of the OICA Advisory Council, shall constitute three Screening Committees (undergraduate / bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral) to evaluate the applications and recommend to the OICA Advisory Board Members the recipients of the thesis  grants (3 per level). They have the discretion not to award the grant if the applicants do not meet the minimum qualifications or requirements.

For further inquiries please contact the program coordinator, Ms. Malou Arandia at 8981-8500 local VoIP 2659 or send an email to