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Other Services/Projects

Other services/projects handled and offered by UPD-OICA include Institutional Events, Learning Resources/Special Publications, Equipment and Technical Assistance, and the University Collection Database.


1. Institutional Events

OICA is the main event organizer for the annual celebration of the UP Diliman Arts Festival. It is also involved in the design and artistic requirements (stage setup, performers, publicity signages) of other institutional events like the General Commencement Exercises, special receptions and cultural shows for the Office of the Chancellor, and University guests.

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2. Learning Resources / Special Publications

OICA offers a listing/database of creative and research works and links to online webinars, digital publications, and conference papers as additional teaching and learning resources for faculty, students, and researchers.

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3. Equipment and Technical Assistance

This service is offered to UP Diliman units and organizations and is administered through the lending or donation of equipment such as sound and exhibition systems, lights and props for use in their projects, and in the form of technical and administrative assistance. 

4. University Collections Database

This 3-year project, which started in July 2017, has the following objectives: 1) to update the existing UPD inventory; 2) to expand the breadth and scope of the university art collection to include the fine arts, archaeological and ethnographic materials, heritage furniture, and public art; 3) to create a print and digital/online databases, and 4) To create a preliminary report on the condition of the collections in UP Diliman.

Spearheaded by the Office of the Chancellor through proponents and contributors from the Department of Art Studies and the College of Fine Arts, the project is a joint endeavor of OICA and the Bulwagan ng Dangal University Heritage Museum.

The project is envisioned to help formulate policy regarding art collections at UPD in terms of content development, sustainable museum education programs, conservation and maintenance of the art collections, and the creation of public access to relevant information on UP art heritage.

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