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UP Diliman Visual Arts and Cultural Studies Program (UPD VACSSP)



The UP Diliman Visual Arts and Cultural Studies Scholarship Program (UPD VACSSP) is a scholarship in the form of a tuition waiver (including waiver of other fees) or a stipend awarded by the UP Diliman Chancellor through OICA to deserving UPD undergraduate students in the visual arts and in programs related to arts and cultural criticism. It is renewable every academic year.


  1. Priority CRS enlistment
  2. Conferment of certificate and token during Parangal sa Mag-aaral
  3. Choice of: Tuition Waiver or Stipend
Tuition Waiver – This is a tuition and other school fees (OSF) waiver and is availed by VACSSP recipients who are not covered by R.A. 10931 Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act or the no tuition policy, or any other tuition waiving grants.

Stipend – This is a semestral allowance of PhP 10,000.00 availed by VACSSP recipients who are covered by R.A. 10931 Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act or the no tuition policy, or who enjoy other tuition waiving grants.

Important: A VACSSP scholar is allowed to choose only one (1) between tuition waiver and stipend.
  1. The applicant is an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in any visual arts related program or any arts and cultural criticism program. The programs include but are not limited to art studies, comparative literature, language studies or linguistics, creative writing, film studies, theater studies, anthropology, communications and media studies, Philippine cultural studies, and history.

  2. The applicant has the potential to be an exemplary artist or scholar as attested to by a faculty-artist, a community-based artist, an art scholar, a cultural studies scholar, or an established artist in at least 2 recommendation letters.

  3. The applicant is a student who is currently enrolled in at least the minimum number of academic units considered as a regular load during the application period.

  4. The applicant has a GWA of 2.00 or higher during the credited preceding semesters.
  1. The applicant must submit the following documents:
    • Duly accomplished application form (OICA-VACSSP-Form-No.-1-Application-Form) (Download here) endorsed by the Department Chair or Director, and the Dean
    • Cover letter addressed to the UPD Chancellor through the Director of the UPD-OICA
    • True Copy of Grades (TCG) from the preceding semesters certified by the College Secretary of the unit where the applicant is enrolled
    • Two (2) recommendation letters or testimonial from an artist, a cultural worker or an arts and humanities scholar about the applicant’s potential in the future to be directly sent by the endorser to
    • Portfolio of the applicant’s creative or research work
    • Signed Data Privacy Consent Form (OICA-VACSSP-Form-No.3-Consent-Form) (Download here)
  1. Electronic signatures on the application documents and recommendation form shall be accepted.

  2. All applications shall be submitted to on or before the designated deadline.

  3. A confirmation email shall be sent by the Program Coordinator upon receipt.

  4. No application will be accepted beyond the set deadline.
  1. The UPD Chancellor through the OICA Director shall constitute a steering committee to evaluate the applications for the scholarship.

  2. The steering committee shall submit a list of recommended scholars to the OICA Advisory Board.

  3. The OICA Advisory Board shall evaluate the recommended scholars of the steering committee in order to endorse a final list to the UPD Chancellor for approval.

  4. OICA will post the list of successful applicants on its official website and Facebook page and all applicants will be notified of the status of their application through email.
All VACSSP applicants will be informed of the screening results via email. Those who qualify for the VACSSP shall be instructed on the following availment process:


Qualified scholars availing of the tuition waiver must submit the following requirements via email to on or before the designated deadline:

  1. Duly accomplish Certification of Scholarship form (OICA-VACSSP-Form-No.2-Certification-of-Scholarship) (Download here)
  2. A copy of their Form 5A before assessment.
Once verified and signed by OICA, the scholarship form will be emailed to the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) who will tag the VACSSP scholar for special assessment.  A copy shall also be given to the scholar. The scholar may now proceed to complete his/her enrollment.


Scholars availing of the stipend can go through the regular enrollment process. After completion of enrollment, they must submit the following requirements to OICA via email on or before the designated deadline.

  1. Copy of Form 5
  2. Clear photo of Landbank ATM card
Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UPD Cash Office, which releases the VACSSP stipend, no longer disburses payables through checks. In this regard, scholars are now required to open a Landbank account to receive their stipend. 

For those who do not have a Landbank account, they may proceed with the online application through the Landbank website.

After the online application, the applicant will have to go to the bank just once for the signing and submission of the required documents and finalization of the application. Minimum initial deposit is Php 500.00. 

Applicants may also opt for a fully-online application for a digital account through the Landbank Mobile Banking App which they can later upgrade to a regular Landbank Visa Debit Card.

After submission of the above requirements, OICA will proceed with the processing of voucher for stipend payment. The scholars will be notified via email once the payment has been deposited to their respective Landbank accounts.
  1. The scholarship is renewable every academic year upon submission of requirements. The renewal follows the same procedure as a new application except that a recommendation letter is no longer needed for reapplication.

  2. For reapplication, the scholar must have:
    • Maintained a GWA of 2.25 or better; and
    • A progress report as a student in visual arts and cultural studies
  1. A scholar who fails to be renewed may apply again in the succeeding academic year.

  2. A recipient is barred from reapplying for one academic year if he/she:
    • Receives a grade of 5.0; and
    • Receives a GWA lower than 2.25
  1. UPD-VACSSP Scholars covered by RA 10931 Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education or the no tuition policy may no longer apply for the tuition waiver but shall remain eligible for the stipend.

For further inquiries please contact the program coordinator, Ms. Frances Bacosa at 8981-8500 local VoIP 2659 or send an email to