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OICA Grants Program



It is a financial assistance program given to UP Diliman units and organizations for projects and programs relating to the broad field of culture and arts. These include but are not limited to cultural and artistic productions, exhibitions, educational workshops, and other artist-support programs. Grants take the form of partial subsidy and shall not exceed the total project cost.



1. Eligible applicants:

    a. Officially recognized student organizations in UP Diliman
    b. Performing groups in UP Diliman
    c. Academic units of UP Diliman
    d. Administrative, academic and non-teaching associations in UP Diliman
    e. Service units and offices in UP Diliman

    Note: Individuals or unrecognized groups are NOT eligible to apply.

2. Only student organizations/units with NO pending obligations (unsettled grants, unsubmitted accomplishment reports) may apply for a grant;

3. Only ONE GRANT per student organization/unit is allowed PER SEMESTER;

4. The PROPONENT of the project should have a legal personality and should be affiliated with the student organization as its faculty adviser or with the unit as its unit head/dean/director ;

5. The proposal should be for an activity or project that can be evaluated for a specific UPD-OICA Program, i.e., Artist’s Support Program, Audience Development Program, Venue/Platform Development Program and Cultural Exchange Program

  • Artist Support Program – Supports artists through tuition waivers/stipends for members of the UP Diliman official performing groups, public recognitions and citations, thesis grants, financial incentives through honoraria, and financial assistance for other artist-support projects.
  • Audience Development Program – Promotes cultivation of critical education and appreciation of culture and arts through financial grants and technical assistance given to cultural productions, performances, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Venue /Platform Development Program – Coordinates the creation, development and maintenance of venues in UP Diliman, such as galleries, museums, archives, auditoriums and theaters, through partnerships and collaborations with relevant units and colleges.
  • Cultural Exchange Program – Promotes the participation of UP Diliman in cultural and artistic endeavors at regional, national and global arenas by enriching partnerships through collaborative projects, such as conferences, workshops, performances and other formats. Aside from these, UPD-OICA has also proactively developed and implemented its own projects to further enhance the initiatives from various sectors of the university;

6. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mass gatherings are prohibited. Therefore, online platforms will be used for projects/activities. The possible forms and platforms are:

    a. Book, poetry, or script reading series;
    b. Graphic art projects (e.g. comics, graphic stories, etc.);
    c. Workshops/Instructional videos;
    d. Curated online performance;
    e. Online art, photo, or cultural exhibits;
    f. Creative online content or video/film projects;
    g. Virtual culture and art festivals;
    h. Podcasts;
    i. Round-table discussions or webinars;
    j. Online film screening/festivals;
    k. Creative and Art writing;
    l. Online sound art projects;
    m. Dance film or music video;
    n. Studio recording and Digital album; and
    o. Others

7.    Proposals for fund-raising projects, org. membership inductions/parties and academic requirements are not allowed;

8.    Projects should be in line with the OICA Research Agenda (See OICA Research Agenda here);

9.    The proposed project/activity should not be a duplication of any existing completed project; if at all related, it must complement the existing or completed project;

10.   Grants shall take the form of partial subsidy and shall not exceed the total project cost (Note: It is expected that the proposed project can be co-financed by the organizers through their own funds or from other sources, UPD-OICA shall not be expected to bear the full cost of the activity/project);

11.    The proponent of the project should NOT request support from other funding institutions or agencies for the SAME EXPENSES requested from UPD-OICA;

12.     As much as possible projects (e.g. performances, exhibits, film showing and the like) shall be offered free to students.

  1. Project Proposal Form (Download Project Proposal form here)

  2. A brief profile of the organization/unit;

  3. Updated copy of the organization’s recognition/registration certificate issued by the Office of the Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) for university-based organizations or by the respective colleges for college-based organizations*; and

  4. Additional information such as mechanics/detailed program description, etc., as needed/required.

  5. *Digital signatures shall be accepted.
  1. Submit the requirements through the OICA Grants Submission Portal
  1. All qualified applications shall be forwarded by the UPD-OICA Grants coordinator to the OICA Advisory Board for evaluation and approval. The basis for grant approval and budget allotment shall be, but not limited to, the merits of the project as evaluated alongside UPD-OICA’s mandate, its existing cultural programs and the availability of funds.
  1. Grants approved by the OICA Advisory Board shall be endorsed for the Chancellor's final approval.
Event Dates Submit by
January to April December 1
May to August March 1
September to December August 1

*For 2024, April to August March 1

For further inquiries, please contact the grant coordinator, Ms. Malou Arandia at 8981-8500 or local VoIP 2658 or send an email to