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OICA Grants Project Proposal Submission Portal

Please read the application guidelines here.


  1. Project Proposal Form
  2. A brief profile of the organization/unit;
  3. Updated copy of the organization’s recognition/registration certificate issued by the Office of the Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) for university-based organizations or by the respective colleges for college-based organizations*; and
  4. Additional information such as mechanics/detailed program description, etc., as needed/required.


  1. Submit the requirements through the OICA Grants Submission Portal.
  2. All qualified applications shall be forwarded by the UPD-OICA Grants coordinator to the OICA Advisory Board for evaluation and approval. The basis for grant approval and budget allotment shall be, but not limited to, the merits of the project as evaluated alongside UPD-OICA’s mandate, its existing cultural programs and the availability of funds.
  3. Grants approved by the OICA Advisory Board shall be endorsed for the Chancellor’s final approval.

For further inquiries, please contact the grant coordinator, Ms. Malou Arandia at 8981-8500 or local VoIP 2658 or send an email to

Form 01 – Project Proposal Form

OICA Research Agenda