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UP Diliman Arts and Culture Festival 2024

The Diliman Arts and Culture Festival (DACF) 2024 celebrates the 75th year of the transfer of the Oblation from Manila to Diliman, which marked the new site for UP’s flagship campus and the new beginnings of what will be a thriving community of students, teachers, staff, and long-time residents in the campus.

The DACF 2024 carries the theme “Pamamalagi at Pamamahagi”, continuing the narrative/s of placemaking (pagsasalugar) depicted in DACF 2019, which highlighted processes of habitation in Diliman as a community “settled” into its new space. As a process of placemaking, “settling” means establishing oneself securely in a place, of coming to a desired position and becoming stable or permanent. However, “settling” also involves disruption. Settling into Diliman meant the expansion of the campus and entailed the reorganization of space and environment as well as forms and relations of habitation. This was soon followed by the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge and the scope of our academic engagements.

After 75 years, we reflect on the unwavering commitments of the University as well as the forms of disruption that have transpired in this act of settling (pamamalagi). At the same time, the Festival highlights the ways by which the University has, and continues to, nurture and at the same time disrupt knowledge within and beyond the UP community—pamamahagi

Events and activities can highlight dominant and marginalized expressions of rootedness, exploring various constructions of local (UP) identity and expressions of selfhood for different members of the UP community. They can also feature the ways by which the University has opened itself to the public, reflecting on what has been done, and what else could be done to propel as well as to challenge dominant and normative paradigms in the sciences and the humanities, and transforming standardized modes of learning, discoursing, and placemaking, towards a more humane, just, safe, and progressive society.

Download the Project Proposal Form here.

Deadline for Submitting Proposals

31 October 2023

Period of Implementation

February – July 2024

Who can submit proposals?

UP Diliman Units and recognized Student Organizations

Proponents are encouraged to find supplementary funding sources for projects that exceed P200,000.00. Projects with external funding that align with the theme of DACF 2024 can be submitted for inclusion in the omnibus program and calendar of activities.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Christel Manalo through email at